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Exodus 15:11-21

Welcome to this Word Lesson, entitled “Praise with Music,” based on Exodus 15:11-21. This Exodus text is also known as the Song of Moses and Miriam, which was sung by them and the redeemed children of Israel as they worshipped God for His mighty Hand and His outstretched Arm in delivering them from Egyptian bondage~!

After witnessing the awesome display of God’s Power in miraculously parting the Red Sea, so that they could safely pass through its midst on dry ground, and in returning the Red Sea to its overflow, so that the entire Egyptian army was drowned with no survivors, this song of victory was sung by all as one voice of high praise to the God of their deliverance~!
The task of this Word Lesson will be to glean from this Song of Victory how high our praises should be for the awesome display of God’s Power on Calvary’s Cross and in the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior and Deliverer, JESUS CHRIST, as the singular and pivotal events of our redemption and of our salvation~!

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